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Providing you the machines solutions and Services, we dedicated to being your most trustable and reliable partner.

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Laser-tech services L.t.d, is specialized in supplying unmanned, intelligent production equipment for the direction, and aim to accelerate the realization of productions. We specialized in machinery for the metalworking industry and for sheet metal working.

عمل الليزر

 We are offering you one of our masterpieces, which will lead you to be a market leader.

We are L T S 

  We supply Excellent Engineering & Manufacturing Machines for the metalworking industry and for sheet metal working..

   It has a solution with difference.
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Custom manufacturing services and solutions built specifically for your business
our bold vision

We're the future now

Managed services

Our designer team helps provide professional whole plant layout design based on customer’s workshop

Quality Control

We have professional QC department conducting strict process control.

Training and management

Top sales with professional skills make you never feel difficult to communicate with our company

Full Support

The right connectivity is paramount to the success of your factory environment.

Solid Team

Good teams are built by sharing information and building trust

Global Office

our solutions is worldwide ! our company has 2 offices in Europe and MENA Region.

Quality Assurance

14 years expert in sheet metal fabrication industry

24/7 Support

we are available 24/7 to help you whenever customers have any questions or requests. Engineers are available to serve customers overseas.

Why choose us

Why laser-tech?

  An established and trusted name in the field of Engineering Workshop Machinery is LTS Machine Tools, serving industries worldwide with its sturdy, technologically advanced and high performance machinery. Its constant endeavor is to bring emerging technology to middle-east, and its ultimate strategy is to be innovative.

  The success of the business is based on the highest quality standards, decades of experience and excellent solutions with the best service. With a team that is always ready to face new challenges and customer’s requirements being of paramount importance. LTS’s product line and network is ever expanding.

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Why you should hire us


Professional Service

Provide satisfactory and excellent product for global customers

Competitive Price

High execution with high efficiency with the best price offer comparison with other companies

Cross Functional Team

Cooperative, Energic, Creative, Practical, Efficient

Timely Delivery

Ensure product performance, quality and timely delivery.

R & D ability

Innovation is the motive force of enterprise development ! 10% of our sales revenue each year will be invested in research and development of more advanced technology

Quality Control

Efficient operation of quality, standardized management, sustainable and harmonious development.

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Why us?

  laser- tech services  Company passed through”ISO9001-2000 certification”, “ISO14001-2004 certification” and “adopting international standard product certification mark,”.

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